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For General Public AND FUS Licensed Customers:
Product Collected Delivered
Cooked Meat 5lb (2.26kg) Rolls £3.00 N/A
Cooked Chicken 5lb (2.26kg) Rolls £3.00 N/A
Category 3 Mince (25lb bag) 62p/lb (£1.37/kg) N/A
Category 3 Mince (2lb packs) 65p/lb (£1.43/kg) N/A
Category 3 Chicken Mince (2lb packs) 50p/lb (£1.10/kg) N/A

For FUS Licensed Customers ONLY:
Product Collected Delivered
Raw Lumps 37p/lb (82p/kg) 42p/lb (93p/kg)
Raw Mince 39p/lb (86p/kg) 44p/lb (97p/kg)
Raw bones £1.50/bag (10pcs) £1.50/bag (10pcs)
Payment Options
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