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Meat/Chicken Cooked Rolls

A choice of either Meat or Chicken cooked 2.26kg (5lb) rolls.

These rolls are easy to use as they are already cooked, so no preparation is required. They are easy to store and great for all meat eating animals of all ages. They are as natural and simple as possible – something we are very proud of.

Please compare our analysis to other similar products and let the animals decide what they prefer for dinner!

Content Meat Roll Analysis Chicken Roll Analysis
Protein 9.5 9.9
Ash 2.0 3.8
Fibre 0.9 1.5
Moisture 64.4 61.0
Fat 3.4 8.0
All figures are g/100g

FUS Licensed Customers Only
We currently offer raw Lumps or Mince and cooked or raw Bones.

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