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Holts is a small, family run business, based in the village of Stanstead Abbotts in Hertfordshire. The company was founded in 1908 and has been at its present location since 1980. It is run by partners Alan and Jackie Waller and their son Daniel.

The firm started trading in 1908 and was originally sited in Chicken Lane, London Colney, near St Albans. A few years later the firm moved just up the road to St Annes Road, London Colney where it stayed until the land was sold for redevelopment in 1980. Since that time the firm has been sited at its present location in Marsh Lane, Stanstead Abbotts.

Obviously there have been quite a few changes to the job in the last 100 years. When Alan first joined the company over 40 years ago the main aim was to recycle every part of the animal. Fat was rendered down for soap, bones went for bone meal, skins were made into leather, horsehair was used to stuff mattresses and meat sold for pet food.

Nowadays, largely due to the advent of BSE and all the rules and regulations that followed, only meat and skins are permissible to be recycled. In the old days you were allowed to sell the meat to the general public for pet food, but now we are restricted to the licensed greyhound trade and menageries such as zoos. This in turn restricts us even more because the meat has to be top grade and free of drugs. To get a licence to purchase our raw meat you need to obtain a FUS number from DEFRA (

  We have recently obtained a licence from Trading Standards and passed DEFRA Approval to enable us to sell our cooked pet food rolls to the general public which we have been successfully selling to the greyhound trade for many years.

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